We Specialize in Environmental Staffing

SBS Environmental Staffing Services is Pure, but we’re not afraid to do the dirty work.

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Our Industries of Focus

Oil & Natural Gas

Waste Management

Electrical Power

Water and Wastewater

Nuclear Energy

We’re a Certified Minority-Owned, Woman-Owned Business (MWBE).

Proudly Operating Since 2007

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About Us

With headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee, SBS Environmental Staffing Services is an environmental staffing agency that specializes in staffing the environmental industry with certified, experienced, professional personnel who meet EP​A and OSHA regulations. We are licensed and insured to partner with businesses in the Midwest, Northwest, and Southwest regions of the United States of America.


What to Expect When You Partner with Us

SBS Environmental Staffing Services delivers every service at high performance levels, incorporating responsiveness, flexibility, value and trust. With us, you can be confident that all of your requirements in any level and any location will be satisfied by reliable, efficient and effective staff members who are highly experienced.  We are proven and highly successful in our service to environmental industry businesses. In fact, most of our customers are repeats and referrals. As our customer, we work with you to ensure you get a quality job done for what you pay, with no hidden fees or cost.

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